Baja Hoodie Walter Mitty

Did you see the baja hoodie Walter Mitty wore when he was in the mountains? It is the “colorful” one from and that color was discontinued sadly. Mexican Threads does have a lot of other quality Mexican baja pullovers to choose from and some people might ask the question:

Are Baja Hoodies Warm?

Yes! Baja hoodies are very warm. It’s like being hugged by a Mexican blanket.

What are Baja Hoodies Made Of?

They are made of a blend for cotton, polyester, acrylic and unicorn hairs.

are baja hoodies warmbaja hoodie walter mitty

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Mexican Sweatshirts | Baja Hoodies

You may not know this but those Mexican blanket sweatshirt looking things that you see kids wearing these days have an actual name. The real name is a baja hoodie but they are also referred to as stoner jackets or drug rug hoodies. And while we usually only talk about hoodies for men here on the site, they are unisex meaning that both men and women can wear them.

There is a new boho fashion trend that is sweeping the nation right now and the bajas are one of the most popular hoodies for men at the moment. Don’t worry, you can head to Mexican Threads™ and find your size and color and they will ship for free.
mexican baja hoodies for men

Baja Hoodies for Men

You deserve to buy that drug rug that you have had your eye on. is leader in hippie clothing and they have the largest selection of baja hoodies for men online. If you want a new baja jacket all you need is to head over to their site where they are having free shipping for a limited time and pick one out.
baja hoodies for men

Volleyball Hoodies

Want to know where to buy volleyball hoodies? has beach volleyball hoodies and much more beach volleyball attire to keep you clothed all winter and summer. They have a large selection of volleyball sweatshirts, shirts, boardshorts, sunglasses, bikinis and more.

If you are looking for Mexican baja sweatshirts check out the baja hoodies at They have the largest selection of hippie clothing online from hippie bags to hippie sweatshirt pullovers.

Cool Hoodies

A lot of us are just being unrealistic when it comes to shopping; we always want it to go in our way. We want things to happen the way we want it to be, but this is plain stupidity for it is clear that what we want defies the profound principle of shopping.

For instance people always want to get cool hoodies at a much affordable price without getting less quality. Today it is quite true that most of the cool hoodies we have are quite expensive, specifically the ones which offers a great deal of quality.

We want to change something which is already profound, which is highly impossible to happen. Quality cool hoodies would never be affordable enough for you to get it unless it is on sale. It is just impossible.

But many would still want to believe that is possible to get quality apparels at a much lower price, which is why a lot of us gets ripped off when shopping for such types of apparel. We believe certain advertisements that we can get quality apparels at a very low price.

This is quite untrue in all sense because of the fact that quality does not come for free, nor does it come at a much lower price than it should be. Quality is made up of a number of things, in the case of cool hoodies quality comes from the finest materials, the ideal process used in making the apparel, and the ideal designs as well.

Creating quality hoodies requires a great deal of financing, quality materials are already quite expensive, equipment used in making quality cool hoodies are also quite expensive, designing it is also an expensive deal, everything about quality cool hoodies are requires a great amount of money. This is the reason why it also comes at an expensive price. If you get the point you won’t be fall into believing that quality cool hoodies can come at a very cheap price.

Plain Black Hoodie

There are many different brightly colored hooded sweatshirts in the world today but sometimes you just feel like wearing a plain black hoodie instead of some super colorful sweater.  The fact of the matter is that black is the #1 color when it comes to clothing for more reasons than one.  The color itself is very slimming, so everyone that is overweight (which is almost everybody these days) wants to dress in black.  It also hides stains the best.  You can have ketchup and ink stains all over clothes but if they are black nobody will ever know because they just don’t show up.

Sure there are some really cool sweaters out there these days like the super colorful rasta baja hoodie or tie dye shirts but they draw a lot of attention to the person wearing them and not everybody wants people eyes on them all the time.  If you are getting a sweatshirt as a gift for a friend, you can never go wrong with a black hoodie because everybody loves it.  They are usually unisex as well, meaning that black hoodies for men can also be worn by women, there is no sex assigned to a solid black hoodie.  The main thing you have to focus on is if you want it to zip up or would you rather a pullover hoodie?  Since the color is sold and the design is very simple and basic, you don’t really have to worry much about anything except buying the right size, so measure yourself and go get one today.

Baja Hoodies

What better than baja hoodies for men?

Where to buy baja hoodies?  The famous baja hoodie from is the best priced Mexican sweater on the internet.  If you are looking for a new beach hoodie or maybe just some sweet mexican clothes they are the place for you.

There are not many places where you can find these unique hippie looking sweatshirt pullovers. Most companies are now making zip up hoodies and not the famous pullover anymore. But, if you are looking for the largest selection of colors and sizes of mexican baja hoodies you need to go to Mexican Threads. They have a selection that is 4 times the size of any other site you could ever find. And the best part of all is that they are the only ones that give you free shipping on all of your purchases. This means that the price you see is the price you pay. No guessing how much it will be after they add a crazy amount for shipping and handling charges. They use paypal for all of their orders so you can trust in that.

XXXL Hoodie

Looking for some plus size hoodies for men?  We have you covered with up to a XXXL hoodie sweatshirt.  You can’t get much bigger than that!  And where can you get one?  At Mexican Threads they have Mexican baja hoodies that get up that size.  They are sometimes known as hemp hippie drug rug pullover sweaters but baja hoodie is much shorter.

There are a lot of colors to choose from as well.  You can get really colorful pullover sweatshirts or solid white and black.  Most of the hoodies are made of acrylic or an acrylic and polyester blend.  They are very comfortable and have a soft lining so they aren’t itchy.  They are great quality and they come with free shipping to the U.S.

Black Hoodies for Men

We have the best selection of black hoodies for men for you at

No color is cooler or more stylish than black. It is a manly color and it just plain rocks. If you want to go with something that will never go out of style your best bet will always be black. It never goes out of style, just like Mexican baja hoodies.

These sweet Mexican pullover sweaters are usually brightly colored or at least have 2 colors in them. But they also come in solid black and still have the hooded surf feel with the pouch in the front to keep those hands toasty.

Mexican Threads is the best place you will find for all types of baja hoodies.

Purple Hoodies for Men

So you are a man that happens to like the color purple, that’s cool they have some good looking ones for you at

Mexican Threads has more purple hoodies for men than any other site on the Internet.

These pullover sweaters are called Mexican baja hoodies are they found exclusively at where you can get all the purple colored pullover hoodies you can imagine. They offer these Mexican sweater poncho pullovers for the cheapest price you will find and they have Free Shipping as well. You can’t beat that deal, trust us, we know because we have tried.