Cool Baja Hoodies for Men

Looking for cool hoodies for men? You have found them! The Mexican baja hoodie found at is the coolest of cool. Forget Nike, urban, billabong or hip hop hoodies. These Mexican pullover sweaters are the new thing for 2010. Sure you might look like you do drugs if you were a hippie drug rug hoodie but it doesn’t mean you have to. I wouldn’t wear one of these things on a first date by any means but if you are carefree this is the sweatshirt for you.

The Mexican hoodie is a surf pullover baja hoodie with attitude. No more boring hooded sweatshirts with some lame graphic on the front that everybody else is wearing. It’s time to dress a little different than everyone else.

If you are a Jamaican or Bob Marley fan, we have you covered with rasta baja hoodies. The rasta colors are green, black, red and yellow. You might have seen the SNL short where Ras Trent has one of these sweaters on.

Forget zip ups, these pullovers with a hood and a pouch in front to keep the hands toasty are all the new rage!